In early 2015, Ami Heitner and I formed Komiko to pursue creating business tools that took advantage of modern data science, machine learning, and search to take some of the work out of work and give people time to do their jobs rather than feed the system.

Since then, we hired a team, built and tested the early versions of the service, took a lot of feedback from customers and potential customers, refined the idea and launched the Komiko service. We got it certified for AppExchange and built out some sales and marketing muscle to get us in front of more customers.

Our customers tell us we are achieving our goal of making them more productive, freeing them for the tedious hours they used to spend updating their CRM system and allowing them greater visibility into all the touchpoints between their organization and their customers.  They have written magnificent reviews about our cloud service and the service our people provide to them every time they have a question.

New customers are adopting the service every week and we have gotten to the point where customers can get up in running in under 24 hours with less than 30 minutes work.

This week, those achievements were recognized by Constellation Research, when they added us to their ShortList for Sales Productivity Tools.  We are honored to share that distinction with four well established companies and to be the youngest company on the list.  We are thankful to our investors and our customers for all of their support.

If you’d like to know more about how Komiko can make your sales, customer success, or account management team more productive, visit us at or contact us directly at

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