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Sales Tools for Sales Managers
Image November 8, 2016 blogs,CRM,Sales Tools admin

Technology is transforming business and disrupting entire industries. One area affected is sales. From prospecting to closing and no matter what industry you are in, technology is revamping and reshaping the sales process. As a result sales organizations are embracing technology to drive productivity and profitability. Every sales professional requires a capable set of sales

Six Tips to Using Salesforce
Image October 26, 2016 blogs,CRM,Salesforce admin

We’re going to keep it simple and cut to the chase. Your business relies on Salesforce CRM to house all relevant client information. This information needs to be accurate for reporting, for sales, for everything. Great. Now what can you do to make happen, plus make your experience with Salesforce and that of your sales reps

Alternatives to Salesforce Gmail Plugins
Image October 20, 2016 blogs,CRM,Salesforce admin

You can hear the collective sigh of sales people when reminded to add or update contacts into Salesforce CRM.  It’s boring and time away from generating revenue. So you end up with an empty CRM or one riddled with errors and omissions rendering the data mostly useless. It’s like fueling your car with water rather than

The Truth About Salesforce CRM Outlook Plugins
Image October 6, 2016 blogs,CRM,Salesforce admin

Capturing Contacts to Fuel Your Salesforce CRM There is nothing worse than an empty CRM. It’s like driving a car with no gas. Or navigating a sailboat with no wind. You just won’t get very far. In order for your Salesforce CRM to be effective, it needs fuel and that means regular fill-ups of contacts and activities.

Where are all the Salesforce CRM MacMail Plugins?
Image September 29, 2016 blogs,CRM admin

Finally, a Salesforce Email Integration Software that Works! Easily Capture Contacts from a Mac, iPhone and iPad.   The percentage of workers choosing Macs is growing. According to Business Insider, Apple sold 5.7 million Macs, up 3% over prior year for roughly $6.8 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2015. IBM has over