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Are we afraid of AI in CRM and Customer Success?
Image February 22, 2018 AI-CRM admin

The following is about AI in CRM and Customer Success. I had a call with a prospect earlier this week. It started by sharing our cool demo that addresses two major pain points of any CRM and Customer Success solution: (1) Getting data in (2) Finding it easily. And then…I suggested to take it one

Customer Success is Where the Heart is
Image February 14, 2018 Customer Success Liat Heitner

If you work in customer success, we know you love your customers. It sounds corny, but that’s the honest truth. You like having this long-term partnership with your customers. Many CSMs told us, that they feel best when they have helped a customer get value. For CS managers or VP’s, the ultimate goal is to make

Kill your walking-dead sales opportunities early
Image November 15, 2017 AI-CRM,CRM,Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Salesforce admin

This blog is about data driven sales intelligence. Opportunity win rate, in the SaaS industry, is around 30%-40%. It means that a typical sales person spends more than 25 hours a week working on eventually lost opportunities. Some of it cannot obviously be avoided. It is the cost of developing opportunities. It takes time to

Komiko Sales and Customer Success Intelligence Maintains Commitment to Enterprise-Grade Security, Achieves SOC 2 Certification from Skoda Minotti
Image October 20, 2017 News admin

Komiko, the leading Sales and Customer Success Intelligence System, has been partnering closely with enterprises to improve its security posture while helping customers to accelerate and retain business following highly disciplined behaviors. We are excited to announce that as of October 20, 2017, Komiko has successfully completed SOC 2 Type 1 certification (SSAE18, formerly SSAE16).

Insider Tips for Dreamforce 2017 #DF17
Image October 11, 2017 Events,Salesforce Matt

In 2016, Dreamforce had over 171,000 people from 83 countries gathering in San Francisco. In 2017, expect this number to be even higher! For most, the event is an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, find new solutions, and network. However, for more seasoned attendees or Bay Area locals- they want to get in and out