The goal of any customer success organization is ultimately to reduced churn and increase customer satisfaction.  Every tool or process change should ultimately be measured based on its ability to influence that outcome.

For your managed customers, Komiko influences that outcome directly by insuring that every customer is engaged with their CSM at an appropriate level.  Meetings happen when they should.  Correspondence is happening at the right frequency.  Questions get answered.  The right contacts are engaged.  All of these things can be measured directly and used as intermediate process improvement indicators towards the ultimate goal of retention or expansion.

For all of your customers, whether managed or unmanaged, Komiko can also monitor usage signals, support data, and any other measure of positive or negative customer engagement.  Komiko helps you understand which patterns are negative and identify early on which customers are at risk and then execute a plan to improve the customers situation.  Metrics here include the number of recommendations made and actions taken as a result of those recommendations.  Rises in those metrics should have a strong correlation to reducing churn.

For each segment in your account base, we recommend adding one or two of the above measurable to the score card and monitoring their improvement.  This gives you enough insight into the trends without overwhelming your team.

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