Many companies along the sales stack are classifying their solution as sales acceleration platform. Starting from Salesforce that is the de-facto system of records, through companies like Outreach and Salesloft that accelerate lead generation done by SDRs (Sales Development Reps) and companies like Chorus and Gong that extract actionable insights from phone conversations done mainly by AEs (Account Executives).

Sales Acceleration Platform

Komiko introduces the first truly end-to-end sales acceleration platform. Komiko’s Sales Acceleration Platform is running natively on Salesforce and can integrate conversation platforms and where relevant lead generation acceleration platforms.

How does it work?

Starting from the goal of every sales leader. Win more deals!

Komiko is using AI technologies to recommend playbooks. It is done based on past win/loss and your team’s engagement patterns. Playbooks are done by account segment so enterprise account may get different playbook vs smaller one. Each playbook includes a list of metrics and targets sorted by significance to winning deals. Example of metrics include: get the right number of contacts and executives engaged, have next meeting, send post meeting notes, response fast. As an example, when analyzing past information across multiple companies we discovered that top performer Account Executives engaged more contacts, and more team members at their company vs the average and low performers. Sales Acceleration Playbook

Sales leaders can then review the recommended playbooks and refine them to best fit their sales philosophy and methods. The playbooks are now released.

You don’t need to chase your team ensuring that they adhere to your guidance, Komiko will do it for you.

Each account executive will view their list of accounts in Komiko’s dashboard. Account are scored based on their likelihood to win. Komiko  provides a list of prescribed recommendations that are expected to make each account more likely to win. Here is an example:

Sales Acceleration Example

But it does not stop here.

Komiko helps the sales team to compose emails and make phone calls. It recommends who should they connect with, suggesting email templates, attachments and call scripts.  It can even send follow up emails automatically on their behalf. The automated email is not a rigid cadence that you are built for SDRs. It is based on the engagement dynamics and can be personalized.

And now how can I manage it all?

Komiko addressed two aspects: (1) managing the health of your team’s opportunities and accounts (2) managing and coaching your team.

Komiko gives you visibility to the overall health of your accounts and opportunities by segment. You can also zoom into the detailed analysis of which recommendations that have not been performed and which accounts have been affected.

For your team, you can get a detailed view about how each one of your team members is performing. Your 1:1 meetings are based on data and behavior patterns identified by Komiko, which lets you coach your team and identify high and low performer in a much earlier stage.

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