If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist?

If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist?
March 27, 2017 No Comments blogs,Salesforce Ami Heitner

As my partner in crime Hal Howard says, “if sales people were interested to spend most of their time updating data they would have become book keepers”. And not that there is anything wrong with book keepers.


Yet, all the current CRM solutions are no-data software containers that require data and a lot of it to become a useful solution. Data that is expected to be entered manually by the CRM users, which are supposed to do sales.

To encourage the sales team to spend significant amount of their time in manual data entry, instead of building relationships and closing deals, some people even coined the phrase “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.”


There are two main schools of thought in using CRM:

  1.  Strict about manual data entry – Which makes the sales team, frustrated and with relatively low productivity; The management team on the other hand spend significant amount of time ensuring that their team data enters all info. And in the end major pieces of data are still missing.
  2.  Not that strict about manual data entry – Their sales team cannot take advantage over CRM and thus low productivity due to lack of information and organization; The management team find it hard to identify outliers, forecast and lead.


In the data era, data cannot be based on manual data entry!

Komiko connects directly to your communication sources (email, phone log, etc) and seamlessly update your CRM. It will reveal insights, buried in your email exchange, 24 hours after you have registered to Komiko. For example, one of our customers found that less than 15% of all their contacts were active last year. And that the same number of contacts were actually missing from their Salesforce. Another customer found that one of their top 10 accounts haven’t been in contact for more than 8 months, and renewal is coming in 4 months. Poor engagement with customers is one of the top reasons for churn and at the very top for expansion.

You can also use Komiko to help you get started with a brand-new CRM. By connecting to email sources, it can extract a list of companies and people that you have been in contact with in the last year, two years, etc. What is left for you is to identify the companies that you’d like to track in your CRM. Komiko will create the accounts, enrich them based on public info (name, description), create contacts and all activities. In day one of your CRM implementation, your database will be richer than it ever was.

Please share your thoughts, views, comments. And you can also check out http://www.komiko.com/salesforce.html

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