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Category: CRM

Sales Playbooks Redefined
Image September 3, 2018 AI-CRM,CRM,Salesforce admin

Clearly having a sales playbooks or a sales execution plan is essential. Aberdeen Group research shows that the overall team attainment of sales quota was 20% higher for teams that used sales playbooks and the number of team members that achieved quota was 30% higher when using sales playbooks. What is a sales playbook? Different

Sales Acceleration Platform – AI Playbooks based
Image August 5, 2018 Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Sales Tools,Salesforce admin

Many companies along the sales stack are classifying their solution as sales acceleration platform. Starting from Salesforce that is the de-facto system of records, through companies like Outreach and Salesloft that accelerate lead generation done by SDRs (Sales Development Reps) and companies like Chorus and Gong that extract actionable insights from phone conversations done mainly

Kill your walking-dead sales opportunities early
Image November 15, 2017 AI-CRM,CRM,Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Salesforce admin

This blog is about data driven sales intelligence. Opportunity win rate, in the SaaS industry, is around 30%-40%. It means that a typical sales person spends more than 25 hours a week working on eventually lost opportunities. Some of it cannot obviously be avoided. It is the cost of developing opportunities. It takes time to

Insider Tips for Dreamforce 2017 #DF17
Image October 11, 2017 Events,Salesforce Matt

In 2016, Dreamforce had over 171,000 people from 83 countries gathering in San Francisco. In 2017, expect this number to be even higher! For most, the event is an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, find new solutions, and network. However, for more seasoned attendees or Bay Area locals- they want to get in and out

Three simple things that your CRM AI solution should have
Image September 12, 2017 CRM,Salesforce Ami Heitner

Whether you believe in Henry Ford’s (or Thomas Edison) saying. “Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination” or “Execution without vision can get you…fell off a cliff”. You know that running a business requires both vision and execution. That’s exactly what you should expect from any AI solution that is supposed to help you run your business better.

1% improvement in churn = $100M+ in valuation
Image August 16, 2017 CRM,Customer Engagement,Salesforce,Uncategorized admin

1% improvement in churn = $100M+ in valuation. Kristina Shen, Byron Deeter, Bessemer Venture Partners at the Gainsight #Pulse2017 Conference. It’ll quickly return your investment in customer success solutions. Komiko Limited Learn more about Komiko’s Customer Success and Account Management

3 Problems Sales Managers Want CRMs to Solve
Image June 5, 2017 Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Sales Tools,Salesforce,Uncategorized admin

Sales Reps are only actually selling one-third of the time HubSpot. Komiko Limited can revolutionize the way you use Salesforce. Great article by Drew Hendricks. Check out 3 Problems Sales Managers Want CRMs to Solve.