As we engage with new clients here at Komiko, we consistently find that not only are very few of the contacts in their CRM system active, but there are also many contacts their team works with on a day to day basis that never get recorded in CRM.

When we do the initial analysis of which contacts in a client’s CRM system have been active within the past year, the results are typically less than 30% and often as low as the teens. So, while a midsize organization might have 30,000 contacts in CRM, they have often only been in contact with 5,000 of those people in the last year.

For that same company, we often find thousands of additional contacts for those same accounts that have been active in the last year, but are not recorded in the CRM system.

If this problem resonates with you, feel free to contact me at We can setup an analysis for any number of mailboxes in about 30 minutes and have the results the next day.



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