Author: Hal Howard

Author: Hal Howard

Customer Success Goal
Image June 24, 2018 Customer Success Hal Howard

The goal of any customer success organization is ultimately to reduced churn and increase customer satisfaction.  Every tool or process change should ultimately be measured based on its ability to influence that outcome. For your managed customers, Komiko influences that outcome directly by insuring that every customer is engaged with their CSM at an appropriate

CRM outlook plugins are not the right approach
Image July 27, 2016 blogs Hal Howard

Salesforce outlook and email plugins as well as Dynamics CRM outlook plugins are not the right approach for integrating emails. Both Salesforce as well as Microsoft offer outlook client or browser email plugins that integrate with their CRM systems.  Neither has worked very well. The challenges seem obvious. People don’t just use one device for managing their email and

Komiko is now listed in AppExchange
Image July 11, 2016 blogs Hal Howard

Komiko has been reviewed and approved by Salesforce and is now listed in AppExchange. Check out Komiko at Salesforce AppExchange  

Salesforce data integration – starting a new CRM Project?
Image April 9, 2016 blogs Hal Howard

This blog is focused on Salesforce data integration, which also applies for Dynamics CRM. One of the biggest challenges with getting a CRM system off the ground is populating it with data. If you ask your sales team to enter it by hand then there will be days of lost productivity. If you try to

Salesforce Email Integration and Beyond
Image February 11, 2016 blogs Hal Howard

Salesforce Email integration needs to be addressed to optimize the value of your CRM. The problem Despite having a CRM system, most companies cannot accurately characterize their customer relationships or the state of opportunities. The following questions cannot be easily answered: Who is their best contact and our best connection? When was the last interaction?

Komiko Powers Dynamics CRM
Image February 9, 2016 blogs Hal Howard

Today, we are proud to announce new connectors for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud. The connectors automatically: Uses your Dynamics CRM account list to find important communications. Adds contacts to those accounts. Calculates your team’s strength of connection to the account and each of the contacts. Records and keeps up to date