Author: Ami Heitner

Author: Ami Heitner

Becoming a Data Driven Customer Success Organization
Image October 27, 2018 AI-CRM Ami Heitner

Google, Facebook and Amazon are all running on data. That’s their fuel. Any plan is translated into a set of metrics and targets, which are continuously measured. Clearly data driven is the approach that every modern company should adopt. Is it the case in your B2B company? A recent Harvard Business Review study finds that virtually

Three simple things that your CRM AI solution should have
Image September 12, 2017 CRM,Salesforce Ami Heitner

Whether you believe in Henry Ford’s (or Thomas Edison) saying. “Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination” or “Execution without vision can get you…fell off a cliff”. You know that running a business requires both vision and execution. That’s exactly what you should expect from any AI solution that is supposed to help you run your business better.

Can you understand your customers digital body language?
Image May 30, 2017 blogs,CRM Ami Heitner

Understanding people’s intent is hard. Taking verbal communication literally may be misleading. Luke Lewin BuzzFeed gives few examples, like when British say “With the greatest respect…” they may mean “I think that you are an idiot!”. It is true when you try to understand the intent of the people that you interact with. And obviously when trying

If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist? Native sales Intelligence and Customer Success integrated to Salesforce
Image March 27, 2017 blogs,Salesforce Ami Heitner

As my partner in crime Hal Howard says, “if sales people were interested to spend most of their time updating data they would have become book keepers”. And not that there is anything wrong with book keepers. Komiko is a Sales intelligence and customer success integrated to Salesforce. Yet, all the current CRM solutions are

Salesforce Outlook Sync – Alternatives
Image February 11, 2016 blogs Ami Heitner

Salesforce Outlook sync is one of the main frustration areas that consumes substantial amount of time. And yet most CRM systems suffer from lack of data. Main alternatives for Salesforce Outlook Sync There are several alternatives to support Salesforce outlook sync and other email providers like Gmail: Copy-paste from your email into CRM – sales people need to remember

Get work done, not spreadsheets!
Image January 9, 2016 blogs Ami Heitner

Since the very beginning of commerce it was about people communicating with others, using their native language. To manage their work and answer questions like “how many customers do I have”, they had to separately maintain information about customers, income, expenses, etc. This reality is still true today Yes, phone, email and IM channels were

Email, Slack and Beyond
Image November 9, 2015 blogs Ami Heitner

This blog is about Email, Slack and beyond. McKinsey study showed that professionals spend 28 hours per week handling emails, searching for information and collaborating. The study also identified a 20-25% potential productivity improvement. Is it a surprise? Not really. We work and do business by talking to people, exchanging emails, IM and text messages.