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Honesty – is the most important quality of a sales person
Image March 6, 2019 AI-CRM admin

I ran recently into the latest Gallop survey rating honesty and ethical standards of selected US professions. Not surprisingly, car sales people are at the very bottom of the list (just above members of congress) and  business executives are right above. That’s clearly the perception. Let’s separate honesty into two: Honesty to prospects and customers

Compliance is not enough – it’s about trust: Komiko is SOC 2 type 2 Certified
Image January 15, 2019 News,Uncategorized admin

We’re happy to announce that Komiko is SOC 2 type 2 compliant! At Komiko we set out to make advanced data capture and data science practices and tools accessible to our customers through the Komiko platform. Many times, we hear customers say how Komiko “makes it all look and feel easy”. A lot of the

Data reveals – how to drive sales win rate by more than 10%
Image December 17, 2018 AI-CRM,Uncategorized admin

TL;DR you must start strong in order to win more Engagement in the first few weeks of a sale cycle is the most critical for winning. If you succeed to engage a prospect in the early stages you are likely to win. Our data shows that in the first 3-5 weeks winning opportunities reach more

Win more deals – info graphics
Image December 11, 2018 AI-CRM admin

This infographics is based on analyzing 42,088 B2B opportunities. It illustrates the following: Main pain point – It take 2x time to close lost opportunities. There are many reasons including showing nice pipeline, natural optimism of sales people, etc. Overall it is bad for the sales person and even more for the company. Time and

Three facts that can change the way that you manage sales
Image December 2, 2018 Sales Intelligence admin

Win rate in the B2B space is between 20% to 30%.                       It means that 75% of your time is spent on lost opportunities. Some people call it the cost of doing business. But it is not that complete truth. It’s less known that on average

This is what you and your favorite quarterback might have in common (playbook)
Image November 16, 2018 AI-CRM,Sales Tools,Uncategorized admin

Take a look at an NFL quarterback wrist band – did you know quarterbacks have to memorize all of these different playbook codes? Tom Brady’s play-call wrist band from 2016They signify multiple sets of playbooks, and field position assignments that quarterbacks need to have, literally, on hand. When you see a quarterback peak at his band,

Sales Playbooks Redefined
Image September 3, 2018 AI-CRM,CRM,Salesforce admin

Clearly having a sales playbooks or a sales execution plan is essential. Aberdeen Group research shows that the overall team attainment of sales quota was 20% higher for teams that used sales playbooks and the number of team members that achieved quota was 30% higher when using sales playbooks. What is a sales playbook? Different

Sales Acceleration Platform – AI Playbooks based
Image August 5, 2018 Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Sales Tools,Salesforce admin

Many companies along the sales stack are classifying their solution as sales acceleration platform. Starting from Salesforce that is the de-facto system of records, through companies like Outreach and Salesloft that accelerate lead generation done by SDRs (Sales Development Reps) and companies like Chorus and Gong that extract actionable insights from phone conversations done mainly

Are we afraid of AI in CRM and Customer Success?
Image February 22, 2018 AI-CRM admin

The following is about AI in CRM and Customer Success. I had a call with a prospect earlier this week. It started by sharing our cool demo that addresses two major pain points of any CRM and Customer Success solution: (1) Getting data in (2) Finding it easily. And then…I suggested to take it one