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1% improvement in churn = $100M+ in valuation
Image June 16, 2017 CRM,Customer Engagement,Salesforce,Uncategorized admin

1% improvement in churn = $100M+ in valuation. Kristina Shen, Byron Deeter, Bessemer Venture Partners at the Gainsight #Pulse2017 Conference. It’ll quickly return your investment in customer success solutions. Komiko Limited Learn more about Komiko’s Customer Success and Account Management

3 Problems Sales Managers Want CRMs to Solve
Image June 5, 2017 Customer Engagement,Sales Intelligence,Sales Tools,Salesforce,Uncategorized admin

Sales Reps are only actually selling one-third of the time HubSpot. Komiko Limited can revolutionize the way you use Salesforce. Great article by Drew Hendricks. Check out 3 Problems Sales Managers Want CRMs to Solve.

Salesforce email plugins are not the right approach
Image July 27, 2015 blogs admin

Salesforce email plugins are not the right approach for integrating emails. Salesforce and other ISVs offer email client or browser email plugins that integrate with their Salesforce.  Neither has worked very well. The challenges seem obvious. People don’t just use one device for managing their email and calendar.  More and more email is being authored from the native applications