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If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist?
Image March 27, 2017 blogs,Salesforce Ami Heitner

As my partner in crime Hal Howard says, “if sales people were interested to spend most of their time updating data they would have become book keepers”. And not that there is anything wrong with book keepers. Yet, all the current CRM solutions are no-data software containers that require data and a lot of it

Sales Tools for Sales Managers
Image November 8, 2016 blogs,CRM,Sales Tools Cherie Wentz Blehm

Technology is transforming business and disrupting entire industries. One area affected is sales. From prospecting to closing and no matter what industry you are in, technology is revamping and reshaping the sales process. As a result sales organizations are embracing technology to drive productivity and profitability. Every sales professional requires a capable set of sales